I can not express how much I appreciate this office! They were so helpful with getting my son in at a moments notice and he wasn't even a patient 🙂 they made sure he was taken care of before he left town for a an extended trip. They were able to make arrangements for four appointments that were last minute. They are very professional, helpful, and able to make room in their calendar when his own dentist that he has gone to for 10 years was not able to. Thank you for everything!

Rebecca Glaesman Avatar
Rebecca Glaesman

Ian and Erica were stars today!

Marsha Haase Avatar
Marsha Haase

I have been receiving dental care from this office for over 20 years and have always felt that the staff was caring, well trained and meticulous.Yesterday I had exceptional care from Heather, the Dental Assistant, who crafted a new nightguard for me. I have worn a nightguard for over 35 years and never has someone cared to take the time and had the expertise to make sure it fit properly. This morning I woke up after having the best night's sleep in a very long time!I can tell that she really loves what she does, and has the patience to go back and forth making micro-adjustments until she (and I) was happy with it.Thank you so much!

Lynn Buccella Avatar
Lynn Buccella

This office is top notch! They have such an amazing team and I had great cleaning with Katy, she is so fun to talk with!

Ac Nc Avatar
Ac Nc

Dr. Cadorette and her staff are wonderful. I get really nervous at the dentist and they not only did an amazing job on my crown but they made me feel calm and comfortable. This office is top notch.

Gina Cairns Avatar
Gina Cairns

Great helpful staff and knowledgeable, caring doctors. Not a fan of the dentist, but never unhappy here.

Laurel Deruda Avatar
Laurel Deruda

Not really sure what to say. They were and always are amazing. Dr ball and I believe her name was Sarah helped me through getting my first cavities taken care of. They both were so amazing I barely felt the numbing and they kept me comfy and relaxed. This is the place to go!

Francie Sarna Avatar
Francie Sarna

I have had an amazing experience with Invisalign and Dr. Cadorette’s office. The amazing people and excellent service make it a quick, painless time! They’ve transformed my teeth from an ugly smile to a great smile, and I am truly grateful for that.

Jared Collins Avatar
Jared Collins

Love everything about this office!! Friendly, helpful, caring and gentle! Highly recommend Dr Cadorette and her team!!Aug 3, 2020: Thank you Assistant Heather, you made our daughter feel so comfortable ,even getting a bite fixed during a pandemic! She enjoyed “chatting with you”! Thank you for caring!

Annette Nelson Avatar
Annette Nelson

Amazinggggg people that work here!!! Always have the biggest smiles on there faces and make you feel welcomed! Love the people here and there work!

Mayghen Elizabeth Avatar
Mayghen Elizabeth

Had an appointment with Dr. Ball and Heather today and I dread going to the dentist. I would definitely recommend both of them. Great team work and they both did a great job at keeping me calm during the filling. Both very efficient with their jobs!

Janet Dominowski Avatar
Janet Dominowski

I’ve had dental work done with both Dr. Walker and Dr. Cadorette—cannot say enough good things. The entire staff is friendly and prompt. Professionalism and care seem to be #1 priority and it is very much appreciated.

Ryan Inman Avatar
Ryan Inman

Great team! I make the drive from Zeeland to go here to the dentist!They take great care of my teeth.I recently had the Zoom Whitening done on my teeth, and very happy with the level of the service (I lost the card with the name of the lady). They are very helpful and informative.

Carrie Sayers Avatar
Carrie Sayers

I had the best experience at this office. They made me feel so welcome and went over all the best options for me an my family. I really love Heather and Ami they work so well together. Im so excited to hear that Dr. Cadorette places Implants and is able to do my Crown in one visit. If your looking for a change with your own family? Don't Hesitate to call and become a new patient !! This office will make you SMILE 🙂

Beth A G Avatar
Beth A G

Love Katy at Dr. Cadorettes! She's a great hygienist!

Gretchen Deeds Avatar
Gretchen Deeds