Common Dry Mouth Causes in Adults

Common Dry Mouth Causes in Adults

Having a dry mouth can be uncomfortable, but you can usually solve this problem by drinking water. However, xerostomia, a condition that causes sufferers to experience constant dry mouth, does affect some of the population. Many of the causes of xerostomia are relatively benign, but it can be a cause for concern in certain situations. […]

Reasons to Visit the Dentist in Winter

Reasons to Visit the Dentist in Winter

We know that the cold winter weather and dry air wreak havoc on the skin. Did you know that these weather conditions can also facilitate dental problems? Being aware of these winter dental woes, as well as how to combat them, will help to keep your mouth healthy in the cold, and avoid the tooth […]

Halloween and Your Teeth

Halloween and Your Teeth

It’s a great time of year––the holidays are coming up, everything’s getting more festive, and the food is delicious! Those are all great things, but it is important to always take your health into consideration, while still enjoying yourself. October is a month notorious for its sweet treats; candy, caramel apples, and goodies galore! Even […]

Tips for Keeping Your Toothbrush Clean

Tips for Keeping Your Toothbrush Clean

If you know how important it is to practice good hygiene, you most likely brush your teeth at least twice a day. However, you could be inadvertently harming your teeth if you aren’t keeping your toothbrush as clean as it could be. Many people leave their brushes exposed to harmful bacteria, which may have a […]

Why Do We Have So Many Different Kinds Of Teeth

Why Do We Have So Many Different Kinds Of Teeth?

Many of us think that humans have different kinds of teeth in their mouth to help us chew and grind our food. That is true, however, our various teeth serve many functions. The different kinds of teeth in our mouth support many aspects of our jaw construction. Teeth also help us to speak. There are […]

Tooth Enamel Loss Prevention Tips

Tooth Enamel Loss Prevention Tips

Tooth Enamel Care Tooth enamel happens to be the hardest substance in your body, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be penetrated or damaged. It is very important that you take the steps required to keep your enamel strong and healthy so that your teeth can benefit as well. This is because enamel acts […]

Plaque vs. Tartar Differences and Prevention Tips

Plaque vs. Tartar: Differences and Prevention Tips

Most people know that they want to avoid both plaque and tartar, but they are not usually aware of the differences between the two. However, there are several important differences that must be understood in order to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Here are some of the basics about plaque, tartar, and their causes […]

What is Gum Recession

What is Gum Recession?

Gum recession is a type of condition on which the teeth’s roots become exposed as the result of loss of gum tissue. This is a very common oral health concern, not only in adults, because even teenagers are prone to gum recession as well. Once gums recede, pockets or gaps form in between the teeth […]

Dental Bonding Services In Rockford

Dental Bonding Services In Rockford

The dentist often repairs decayed or broken teeth for their patients by adhering some special resin or plastic that bears the same color as the natural tooth enamel. This type of treatment procedure is termed as dental bonding. Much different from fitting artificial dentures, which need to be created out of veneer in a laboratory, […]

What's The Best Crown For Your Tooth

What’s The Best Crown For Your Tooth?

Often when talking about dental procedures, you will come across the term crown. A crown is an artificial cap or covering that fits over a portion of an existing tooth or post. There are many reasons why a crown may be used. In some cases, crowns will be used to cover or strengthen a broken […]


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